Gioacchino Rossini

Thursday, January 30, 2014  •  7 PM

Saturday, February 1, 2014  •  8 PM



ACT I, scene i  

(Seville, in a square outside Doctor Bartolo’s house just before dawn)

Disguised as a student, Count Almaviva serenades Rosina.  He learns from Figaro, the city’s barber and general factotum, that the girl is the ward of Doctor Bartolo.  Figaro also mentions that he has access to the Doctor’s house.  From a balcony, Rosina drops a note for Almaviva, asking his name, rank and intentions.  Before he can answer, Bartolo leaves the house to arrange his own marriage to Rosina.  Almaviva sings another serenade, telling her that he is a poor student named Lindoro.  Inspired by the Count’s offer of money, Figaro declares he can get the Count into Bartolo’s house and begins to devise a plan.

ACT I, scene ii  

The courtyard of Doctor Bartolo’s house

Rosina is determined to marry her unknown suitor, while Bartolo is set on marrying her himself.  Basilio, the music teacher, tells him that Count Almaviva has been seen in Seville and advises getting rid of him by starting slander and rumors.  They retire to work on the marriage contract.

Figaro, who has overheard their plans, tells Rosina and urges Rosina to write to “Lindoro.”  Bartolo, suspecting that she has been writing, confronts her with the evidence.  She has an answer to all his accusations, but he is not convinced and says he will lock her in her room when he goes out.  Almaviva bursts in, disguised as a drunken soldier.  In the confusion he slips Rosina a note, which is seen by Bartolo, but Rosina smartly substitutes the laundry list.  Figaro arrives to try to calm the situation.  The police arrive to stop the riot, but the situation only spins further out of control when the Count secretly reveals his identity to the Police Chief.


Inside Doctor Bartolo’s house

Bartolo is voicing his suspicions about this soldier when Almaviva appears again, this time disguised as “Don Alonso,” a new music teacher.  Don Basilio, he says, is sick and has sent him to give Rosina her music lesson.  Rosina sings an aria to the Count’s accompaniment, and as Bartolo dozes off, the Count explains his plan.  He and Rosina will elope later that night. 

Figaro arrives to shave Bartolo and manages to get hold of the key to the balcony.  Basilio arrives but is told to go home because he looks so ill and is thrown out.  Figaro begins to shave Bartolo, while Almaviva and Rosina speak in private.  Bartolo realizes what is going on, and the Count and Figaro make their escape.

Bartolo sends Basilio to bring the notary to perform his marriage with Rosina.  Bartolo convinces Rosina that her affections are being trifled with.  She tells him of the planned elopement.  He exits to get the law to arrest Figaro and Almaviva.  During the storm, Figaro and Almaviva climb a ladder to the balcony, only to be confronted by an angry Rosina.  The Count calms her fears by revealing his identity.   As they try to escape they realize that the ladder has been stolen from underneath the balcony.  Basilio arrives with the notary and Figaro tricks him into marrying Almaviva to Rosina.  Bartolo arrives with the police, but it is too late.



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