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Act I, scene 1

Its morning in the castle of Don Magnifico.  As the curtain rises we find Angelina (a.k.a. Cinderella) doing the household chores, as her stepsisters (Clorinda and Tisbe) primp and sigh.  A knock at the door introduces Alidoro, an advisor to the Prince in the disguise of a beggar.  Cinderella’s stepsisters try to throw him out, but Cinderella sneaks him some food.  The royal courtiers arrive and announce that on this very evening the Prince is holding a magnificent ball.  And at this ball, the Prince will choose a bride.

All the commotion awakens the girl’s father, Don Magnifico.  Clorinda and Tisbe relate the news of the ball to their father.  Soon thereafter, the Prince Ramiro enters in disguise as his own servant, Dandini.   When the Prince and Cinderella see each other, it’s love at first sight.  But when her father bellows, Cinderella rushes see what he needs.

The servant Dandini arrives, disguised as Prince Ramiro, to escort Don Magnifico’s daughters to the ball.  Cinderella asks permission to attend, but Don Magnifico tells her no.  Everyone heads to the royal ball, leaving Cinderella behind.  Alidoro returns and tells Cinderella that he will help her get to the ball, but she must go in disguise.

Act I, scene 2

In the Courtyard of the royal palace, Dandini, continuing his masquerade, tells Clorinda and Tisbe that he can marry only one young woman, but the other can marry his valet.  The sisters reject this idea. Meanwhile, Don Magnifico has managed to get himself appointed royal wine steward.  Alidoro announces the arrival of a mystery lady.  Cinderella enters with her face veiled.  When the veil is lifted, the sisters feel that she looks too much like their Cinderella to be considered any serious competition.

Act II, scene 1

In the ballroom of the palace, Don Magnifico and his daughters are discussing the mysterious lady at the ball.  Meanwhile the Prince, also remembering his mysterious guest, hides when Cinderella hurries in with Dandini (posing as the Prince) behind her.  Dandini professes his love for Cinderella, but she confesses to only loving his “servant” (really the Prince in disguise).  Ramiro (still in disguise) steps forward and asks her to marry him.  Cinderella gives him a bracelet from her left arm and tells him to search for the young woman wearing its companion.  She tells him that if he still wants her when he finds out whom she really is, she will gladly marry him.  Cinderella leaves.  Ramiro then assumes his rightful role as the Prince.  Dandini tells Don Magnifico that a choice has been made regarding a bride and then confesses that he is only the Prince’s servant, Don Magnifico storms off in a rage.

Act II, scene 2

Don Magnifico, Clorinda, and Tisbe return home and take their anger out on Cinderella.  Dandini appears with news that the Prince’s carriage has overturned outside their house.  Ramiro enters.  Cinderella suddenly realizes that he is the Prince, and the Prince recognizes her.  The two go off together, leaving everyone else attempting to make sense of what has happened.

Act II, scene 3

The joyous final scene returns us to the royal palace.  Cinderella proclaims her happiness, and pardons her stepfather and stepsisters for their treatment of her.  The assembled courtiers hail her beauty and wisdom as goodness is triumphant.



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