For accessibility accommodation requests including seating, captioning, ASL, and assistive technologies please contact Nashville Opera’s accessibility coordinator Anna Young or call 615.832.5242.

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) is an accessible facility with a variety of services including wheelchair accommodations, accessible parking, assistive listening devices, open captioning, American Sign Language, audio description, TDD phone service and large print and Braille programs.

The Noah Liff Opera Center provides many of the same services as TPAC, including wheelchair accommodation and accessible parking.  Many productions include projected supertitles in easy-to-read English translations.  If you require any additional services, please contact Anna Young ( at 615.832.5242 at least 48 hours prior to the performance.

To request assistance with special needs or to reserve a wheelchair for use at TPAC, call 615.782.4087 two days prior to the performance you plan to attend.  Staff members are happy to meet patrons on the curb at the main entrance to TPAC to provide assistance as needed during your time at the facility.

For general information on accessible services at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, call TPAC at 1.800.664.8941.


Purchasing Tickets

Tickets may be purchased at,, by calling the Nashville Opera Box Office (M–F • 9 a.m.–5 p.m.) at 615.832.5242, the TPAC Box Office 615.782.4040 and in person at either location.  When purchasing tickets online, please select on "I or someone with me has an accessible need" on the shopping cart screen.

Si desea comprar entradas para eventos en el TPAC y necesita ayuda en español, por favor llame al 1.800.664.8941.



Accessible parking convenient to TPAC and War Memorial Auditorium is designated on the north and south side of 6th Avenue, between Deaderick Street and Charlotte Avenue.  Please check signs on the meters on the south side for specific times of use.  Parking is not permitted when meters are bagged.  There is no charge for parking at any of the meters near TPAC as long as you display the required state permit.  Valet parking for performances at TPAC is available for a fee at the corner of Deaderick Street and 6th Avenue.

Noah Liff Opera Center has designated parking spaces adjacent to the front entrance to the facility.  Please display the state permit in the window.



The entrances to TPAC are fully accessible.  Enter TPAC under the marquee on 6th Avenue or at the ramp to the right of the Deaderick Street entrance to the building.

Noah Liff Opera Center is a fully accessible facility.  Electronic door opening devices are available at the main entrance.



An interior ramp joins the lobbies of TPAC's Andrew Jackson Hall and James K. Polk Theater.  Whatever entrance you use, you can reach any of the three theaters within TPAC on foot or with a wheelchair.

No ramps are required at the Noah Liff Opera Center.



Elevator access is available to all levels of Andrew Jackson Hall and the orchestra levels of the James K. Polk Theater. Braille signage is in the elevators leading to Andrew Jackson Hall and the James K. Polk Theater.

The Noah Liff Opera Center has elevator access to the second floor from the main lobby which is adjacent to the facility’s main entrance.


Wheelchair and Limited Mobility Seating

Seating next to a companion is available to patrons who use wheelchairs.  When buying tickets to a performance at TPAC, let the ticket agent know that a guest is attending in a wheelchair.  Trained staff and volunteers are available to assist with seating and accommodating mobility devices.

In Andrew Jackson Hall

Wheelchair accessibility is available in the back of the Orchestra level in rows Y and Z, where seats can be removed to accommodate a wheelchair or left in place for a companion.  Other limited mobility seating is available in the tier level of Jackson Hall, accessible by elevator.  Patrons can access rows E and P of the tier without crossing any interior stairs.

In the Noah Liff Opera Center

Wheelchair accessible seating is located on the front row of the three seating banks.  Next to space for a wheelchair, a padded chair can be added for a companion.

Wheelchairs are available at no cost for use at any theater at TPAC and the Noah Liff Opera Center with advance notice on a "first come, first served" basis.  To reserve a wheelchair call 615.782.4087 (TPAC) or 615.832.5242 (Noah Liff Opera Center) two days prior to the performance you plan to attend.  When calling TPAC, you may also request assistance from TPAC staff on the curb at the main entrance to TPAC on 6th Avenue.



Accessible restrooms, with Braille signage, are located in the back of Andrew Jackson Hall and near the entrances to James K. Polk Theater.

Accessible restrooms are available on both floors of the Noah Liff Opera Center.


Assistive Listening System

Headsets providing amplification of sound through infrared transmission are available at no cost from the floor manager at the orchestra level entrances of Andrew Jackson Hall and the James K. Polk Theater.  A patron's photo ID or major credit card will be held until headset is returned following the performance.


Open Captioning and American Sign Language

TPAC has a TTY line for hearing impaired patrons, answered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Call 615.782.6562.