Weston Hurt


Thank God my parents forgot to mention that being born with one hand should limit me in any way.  Growing up in Houston, Texas, I was held to the same expectations as everyone else, even as a swimmer, football player, and all-state lacrosse player.  Now, as a professional opera singer, I continue to hold myself to the highest standard—to bring my personal truth and artistry to every character I create.  If my Germont or Sharpless has one hand, I get to explore reasons why that character has lost his limb.  When I wear a prosthesis as Valentin, Ford, or Enrico, I'm challenged to move and gesture as a man with two hands.  Recently, I even got to remove my prosthesis onstage as the villain Scarpia, having the opportunity to adapt my own real-life disability into my character!  My hope is to inspire others with disabilities to sing bravely—to show them that with hard work and commitment, they can pursue any career or passion.  So far in my life, I have definitely found that ten fingers are overrated.

Weston recently sang the role of Scarpia in Nashville Opera's TOSCA.
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