"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz"

by Franz Lehár from Das Land des Lächelns

You are my heart’s delight!
I cannot be without you.
I am like a flower that wilts when unkissed by the sun!
My most beautiful song is yours and I created it out of love.
Tell me once more, my one and only!
Oh, tell me once more: I love you!
Wherever I am, I feel you are near.
I want to drink your breath and kneel adoringly at your feet.
Yours, yours alone!  Your shining hair is wonderful!
Your radiant gaze is dreamy and full of longing.
Your voice is music to my ears.

"Una furtiva lagrima"

by Gaetano Donizetti from L’elisir d’amore

One tear that falls so furtively from her sweet eyes has just appeared,
as if she envied all the youths who laughingly pass right by her.
What could I want more than this?
She loves me! I see it.
One moment just to hear her heart beating so close to mine.
To hear my sighs like they were hers and her sighs as if they were mine!
Heavens, please take me now!
All that I wanted is mine!


by Georges Bizet from Carmen

Hidden in the hills near Seville, there’s a tavern owned by Lillas Pastia.
I go to the inn to dance the seguidilla and drink manzanilla.
A girl gets lonely sometimes and she needs a man’s touch.
So to keep me company, I’ll take my lover there with me.
My lover?  Oh, I forgot!  I threw him out yesterday.
My poor heart needs a new love.
My little heart is as free as a bird.
I could have any man I want, but none of them interest me,
and now it’s the end of the week!

Who wants my love?  Let him speak up!
Who want’s my heart?  It’s here for the taking.
If a man wants me, I am all his.
I’d give myself to him, body and soul.
Then, near the hills of Seville, we’d go to the inn of Lillas Pastia.
We’d dance the seguidilla and drink sweet manzanilla.
We’d make love at Lillas Pastia’s!

"Song to the Moon"

by Antonín Dvořák from Rusalka

Oh, moon, high in the deep sky, your light sees faraway places.
You travel across the world and see into many dwellings.

Oh, moon, stand still for a moment.
Tell me where my lover is!
Tell him, please, silvery moon in the sky, that I am hugging him firmly.
That he should, for at least a while, remember his dreams!
Light up his faraway place and tell him who is waiting here!
If he is dreaming about me, may this remembrance waken him!
Oh, moon, don't disappear!


"La Danza"

by Gioachino Rossini

Now the moon is over the ocean and we’re going to leap!
The hour is beautiful for dancing and anyone in love will not miss it.
Soon we’ll be dancing round and round!  My ladies, come here.
A beautiful and playful lad will have a turn with everyone!
As long as stars sparkle in heaven and the moonbeams shine,
the most beautiful boy and girl will dance all night.
Faster, faster, we’re going to leap!
Hopping, jumping, turning, spinning!
Every couple will have their turn.  Now advancing, now receding,
each returns to the excitement.
Keep the blonde close; go here and there with the brunette!
With the redhead, follow along.  With the pale one, keep still.
Long live dancing!  I am a king, a lord!
It’s the world’s greatest pleasure and the most beautiful delight!