Music and Libretto: Ruggiero Leoncavallo
Premiere: May 21, 1892

Danger brews in the heart of a small traveling carnival. The jealous star clown, Canio, suspects that his sexy clown wife Nedda is playing him for a fool. During an evening performance of their usual clown comedy show, theater and reality blend into one, as the enraged Canio exacts his terrible revenge. Based on a true story, Leoncavallo’s opera paints a vivid portrait of unbridled passion, betrayal, and revenge; revealing that sometimes, behind a clown’s painted, cheery smile, the darkness hides and waits.

Directed by John Hoomes
Conducted by Dean Williamson
Featuring the Nashville Opera Orchestra
Sung in Italian with projected English lyrics


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Jonathan Burton

Artist Pagliacci

Keri Alkema*

Artist Pagliacci

Andrew Manea

Artist Pagliacci

Joseph Lim

Artist Pagliacci

Anthony Ciaramitaro*

Artist Pagliacci

John Hoomes

Artist Pagliacci

Dean Williamson

*Nashville Opera mainstage debut

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