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Music: Michael Nyman
Libretto: Christopher Rawlence
Premiere: October 27, 1986

Exploring the connection between the brain, existence and the soul, Michael Nyman’s opera THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT is a sometimes comedic yet often poignant story of a family coping with adversity through the healing power of music. Composer Michael Nyman (who wrote the soundtrack to the movie THE PIANO) uses clever rhythmic repetition and varied orchestral color, pushing the story forward and builds dramatic tension, even if the scene in question is nothing more than a routine visit to a doctor’s office. But the music tells us there is indeed something unseen living just below the surface. As the opera progresses, the drama and the music meld further, until music becomes the dominant, driving, healing force in the character’s lives. With this chamber opera. Nyman capture the wonder and mystery of the workings of the human brain, and then offers us the opportunity to experience the humanity behind the science.

Directed by John Hoomes
Conducted by Dean Williamson
Featuring the Nashville Opera Orchestra
Sung in English with projected English lyrics



Artist Pagliacci

Matthew Treviño
Dr. P

Artist Pagliacci

Caroline Worra
Mrs. P

Artist Pagliacci

Tyler Nelson
Dr. S

Artist Pagliacci

John Hoomes

Artist Pagliacci

Dean Williamson

Sing Bravely

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